Young Adults

When Chris Denison was a younger he was always afraid of getting into a fight. He wasn’t a small kid, but he had no training. He had no idea how to defend himself.

At Forge Fitness, Chris Denison wants to give his younger students the confidence that he never had at that formative age. Chris doesn’t teach people how to beat someone up. Bullies need not apply to take his classes. The purpose of Chris’s self-defense training is to teach his students self-defense and how to stay out of danger.

In Chris Denison’s Teen/Young Adult class, he teaches students to recognize some basic social indicators of when a fight is about to happen. Having these skills help students to avoid being taken by surprise by an unexpected attack. One of the keys to self-defense is avoiding the impact of the first punch.

By the end of this course, students should have a sense of realistic confidence. The time may come when you might get hit. And it might even hurt. But after completing this class, you’re going to know what to do when that unwanted moment comes.

The following are a few skills you’ll learn during this class:

  • Recognizing fight queues
  • Blindside defense
  • Getting knocked to the ground
  • Choke defenses
  • Striking ( straight left and right, knees and kicks)

This class is designed for people 12-18 years of age.

This is a two-hour class.

Cost: $40 per student.

The only equipment you will need to bring is a good attitude and an open mind. Chris Denison will supply the rest.

Maximum attendance: 10 students.

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