Women’s Self-Defense

20150215_forgefitness_014Chris Denison, like any real man, believes violence against women is particularly heinous. The self-defense class Chris has designed for women is very close to his heart, because Chris has several women in his life who are survivors of abuse. Like any self-respecting man, if Chris could go back in time with the skills he has today, he would do so just to protect the women for whom he cares who have been victimized by others.

Chris Denison has developed the curriculum for this important class through conversations with law enforcement professionals and members of the military. The education students receive in this class is designed to equip women to deal with encounters other women have faced. This training is realistic, with real-life application.

This class addresses the kinds of dangers women have actually faced. Students will be equipped to safely navigate multiple scenarios, doing so at realistic speeds. In order to create realistic simulations, students will participate in the class while wearing every-day clothing. Most real-life situations don’t occur while the targeted woman is wearing gym-style clothing. Again, at Forge Fitness, we want the training to be as realistic as possible. For safety reasons, the only clothing items that will be prohibited during training are jewelry of any kind and any heels.

A few of the points we will cover in this class are as follows:

  • Ways to avoid a confrontation
  • Striking (left and right straight, knees and kicks)
  • Choke defenses
  • Body grabs
  • Gun and knife defense

This 4-hour class is for women only.

Price: $80.

Please bring some form of hydration (i.e. water, sports drink, etc.) and a high-protein snack. A break will be taken during the class to refuel, as well as for questions and a review of tactics.

The maximum number of students for this class is 10.

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