Real Life Combatives

20150215_forgefitness_003Chris Denison’s Real-Life Combatives is a six-class evolution that will take students from knowing nothing about self-defense to being able to handle most attacks with confidence. Confidence is a key to successfully navigating through life.

The first class will address tactical basics such as how to stand, as well as how to throw a proper punch, elbow, knee, and kick. The second class will build upon the skills learned in the first class, which will also serve to reinforce the training provided in each subsequent class. Students will not be able to take the more advanced classes without completing the first two classes in this training. This will ensure that everyone in your class has the same level of knowledge and will be able to perform in a manner and level of safety the higher courses require.

20150215_forgefitness_006What sets Forge fitness apart from a typical self-defense program is how we help students to better assimilate and retain the knowledge base in their minds. When a person trains in a dojo or a similar setting he or she will earn skills and retain a certain percentage of those skills after you finish the training and engage in your daily routine. However, when the same person experiences a physical indication that danger is imminent, such as a shove or hit to the side of the head, how he or she reacts might not be the same as how he or she performed in the dojo. Adrenaline will flush your body and everything you learned at the dojo might suddenly be forgotten. While it is true that in times of critical incident stress many people revert to what they know as they respond to a threat, not all do. Many people revert back to how they thought and acted before they received any defensive tactics training.

Chris Denison’s and the team at Forge Fitness’s approach in the Real-Life Combatives classes helps students to not only master various techniques, but to better retain those skills, even long after the training is complete. Chris applies a high level of stress in the class, which brings his students as close to actually experiencing a real threat, in a controlled environment, as possible. Then, Chris trains his students to properly utilize skills soon-to-be mastered in such a way that the student has the best possible opportunity to survive any dangerous encounter.

In the Real-Life Combatives classes, Chris Denison, pushes his students to the proverbial “edge.” But the goal is that each and every time a student is pushed to what they think are their limits, he or she will be that much stronger and more capable if and when the next and maybe more dangerous threat comes his or her way.

Here are the six class revolutions in the Real-Life Combatives training program:

  • How to stand
  • Threat cues
  • Getting knocked to the ground
  • Getting someone off of you
  • Choke defenses
  • Gun and knife defenses

Cost: $80 per class

Class Capacity: 16 students

Class Time: 4 hours

The attire for each class is everyday clothes. You will need to bring your own hydration (i.e. water, sports drinks, etc.) and a high-protein snack. Students will be given a break midway through each class.

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