Self Defense Classes

20150215_forgefitness_020At its very core, Forge fitness is a company committed to intentionally enriching lives through fitness and self-defense. The world, seemingly day-by-day, is becoming a more dangerous place. The places in the United States, including the greater Portland area, where one can comfortably leave their front door unlocked or walk down the street without looking over their shoulder are quickly becoming a thing of the past. These day’s people are walking to their cars with their keys in their hands, not just so they won’t have to fumble for them when they reach their care, but just in case they are met by an assailant and their keys are their only means of defense. Or so they think.
Today, a critically important aspect of fitness, which has real world applications, is training in one or more of the self-defense disciplines. More and more people are engaged in physical training not only for the purpose of fitness, but also to prepare for the always unwanted but always possible fight for their lives.
Chris Denison is a qualified and experienced trainer in both physical fitness and defensive tactics. Chris and his associates who have helped develop his defensive tactics curriculum have more than 40 years of combined martial arts experience. Chris runs his self-defense classes by integrating several martial arts into practical combatives (a term for hand-to-hand combat training and techniques). These combatives, suitable for and masterable by most students, can be used if and when a student is faced with a life-threatening situation.

The confidence one gains as he or she runs the race to superior fitness is incredible. Add to this the empowering knowledge and confident assurance a person gains when they possess the skills necessary to defend him or herself and to defend the people for and about whom they care, and the overall feeling is indescribably positive.

One of the known barriers to a consistent fitness experience is making one’s way to the gym. Even if the gym is just walking distance, people often find it difficult to motivate themselves to leave their homes for yet one more activity—especially one that might be initially uncomfortable. After a long day at work, some people just can’t push themselves to make it to the gym. Chris Denison is removing this obstacle, this excuse from people’s lives. And the way he is going about it is simple enough.

When you commit to have Chris Denison train you in physical fitness and/or self-defense, Chris will set up a regular training regimen that will accommodate those occasional days when you lack the motivation to go to the gym. At least once per week, Chris will come to you—your home or your office—to train you.  Knowing that when the clock strikes six o’clock Chris will be knocking on your door, will give you the extra motivation you need to continue to push ahead toward achieving your fitness goals.

Forge Fitness provides three categories of self-defense training:

Young Adults

Women’s Self-Defense

Real-Life Combatives