Customized Training

20150215_forgefitness_025Forge Fitness, with our unique approach to fitness and our commitment to outstanding customer service, is always ready to provide you with the very best personal training.

Forge Fitness will create custom workout plans designed to help you reach your fitness goals—goals we will help you set during our initial consultation with you. We will gather pertinent medical information, always protecting your confidentiality, to make sure the plan we put together for you will challenge you while remaining sensitive to any current physical and/or health limitations.

While Forge Fitness is not a medical or rehabilitation company, we will gladly work with your doctor or physical therapists to make sure the personal fitness plan we custom design for you will augment or even enhance your medical and/or physical therapy regimen. Additionally, as Forge Fitness continues to grow, we will create working relationships with members of the health and physical therapy community, in order to provide our clients with a well-vetted list of referrals if your physical and health needs require more advanced care and/or treatment.

Every facet of the Forge Fitness personalized training regimen is geared toward maximizing our clients’ success. During the initial consultation, after pertinent medical information is collected, each client will participate in the creation of what we call their “Legend.” This will serve as the client’s fitness journal, the client’s story, as they undergo the metamorphosis from the person they were to what they want to become.

Each client’s Legend is comprised of a series of basic workouts the client will complete to assess their current level of fitness. Each workout is performed until the client can’t go another step or complete another repetition. After each workout section is completed, it is then documented in that specific area of the client’s Legend. Each completed section of the client’s legend is then digitally logged and saved for future reference. Every two months the client will undergo a Legend update to evaluate the client’s ongoing progress, which gives the client to see his or her own progress and where more work is needed. Each Legend update includes a graph to visually display the client’s progress as he or she continues their personalized training plan.

Forge Fitness is committed to helping you reach your personal physical fitness goals. Contact us today and let us conduct a physical fitness evaluation. And let us design a custom workout and Legend for you. We want you to be the very best you can be.