Concealed Carry Permits

I have had my concealed carry permit for the last four years and have learned much in this time. It isn’t just a simple process of getting certified and then carrying a gun, it’s a complex proposition to keep a firearm on you. There was so much that I wasn’t told when I first got certified to carry a firearm concealed. You are told the usual placed not to carry a firearm, things to say when interacting with a officer and what the standard safety rules are for firearms. Aside of that there isn’t much else said of how to actually carry a firearm. I have designed my curriculum to answer all the questions I’ve had during my time learning to carry a firearm along with the questions of the people around we me who also conceal.

I will cover the topics such as:
Where to carry a firearm on your body
The different types of concealment and their advantages and disadvantages
How to conceal the firearm
How to draw your weapon in a conflict
And many more topics

The class will be four hours long and cost one hundred dollars per student if the class is hosted by forge fitness. If the class is held at a clients location, their house or place of work, the class will be 150 dollars per person. Each student will need to have a pair of pants that will accommodate a belt, the belt itself needs to be a sturdy belt that can support a holster. Also they will need to bring a jacket, preferably a light jacket as we will be in doors and moving around. The jacket will operate as your cover garment for the training. The class will be hands on as we will cover combatives needed to get space from your attacker and draw your concealed firearm.

By the end of the class each student will have the certification necessary to apply for their concealed carry permit. Along with their certification they will also have the knowledge of how to carry their firearm confidently. And finally the skills needed to draw and use their firearm if the need arises.