Chris Denison, Forge Fitness

Meet Chris

I had a terrible lack of confidence early in life. After years of hard work and the commitment to fitness and self-defense I developed over time, I’ve not only gained tremendous confidence, but I’ve learned how to coach and train others to find their self-confidence and give them the tools to maximize their abilities.

Self Defense Tigard

Self-Defense Training

In order to maximize your fitness regime, you have to trust your trainer. You have to have confidence that your trainer is singularly focused on helping you to reach your fitness and/or self-defense goals. I expect maximum effort from my clients because I give them no less than that. Together we can reach your goals.

Personal Training Tigard

Personal Training

My commitment to you is to guide you through every step, every phase of the training process. There may be times along the way when you feel like you’re taking three steps forward and two steps back, but I will be there to make sure your overall progress is moving forward toward your personal fitness goals.

Want To Learn More?

Sit back, relax, and take a little while to read about everything before we start the workout

Womens Self Defense

I believe that all women should be able to defend themselves from violence. There are nearly 300,000 rapes in the US per year. We will teach you to defend yourself against assault.


Learn to defend yourself, from common attacks, knives, guns, and the bully down the street! Private Training Available.

Group Classes

I love doing group classes, get your drinking buddies, golfing guys or book club together to learn self defense.